Photos from the 2019 Mission Trip!


KABARNET, KENYA – 2007 to Present

  • Uncle and Aunt Adoption Program
  • Ownership with the Bamba Project
  • Rescuing homeless children
  • Building dormitories
  • Creating an adoption program, whereby children have sponsorships for daily living and future education

The purpose of this program is to provide living assistance to the smallest of residents – babies, toddlers, and school-aged children from elementary to high school. We want to try to level the playing field by providing EACH of them with an opportunity to attend college or perhaps a trade school of their choosing.  Thirty percent of your monthly contribution of $10 per month will go toward their daily living expenses and 70% of these funds will go toward their future educational goals.

SALAWA, KENYA – 2005 to 2012

  • Medical clinics
  • Drilled two wells
  • Food distribution
  • Clothes and shoes distribution
  • Crusades
  • Educational development seminars
  • Community financial support
  • College financial support

Goals for KENYA

  • Create a developmental program to rescue homeless teenagers and provide a source of income for the communities
  • Provide multi-level training for:
  • Life skills
  • Financial independence

Your partnership helps people to survive and rebuild lives.