Uncle and Aunt Adoption Program

Four Corners International Mission continues to support the residents of Salawa and Kabarnet, including the smallest, abandoned ones. FCIM has launched an Uncle and Aunt Adoption Program for orphans who live at the Sunrise Social Development Home, as well as The Bamba Project orphanage, both located in Kabarnet, Kenya.  At the home at Sunrise, FCIM has provided funding to build:
  • One dormitory that sleeps 20 children
  • One bathroom
  • One shower

At The Bamba Project, FCIM has completed:

  • A kitchen and dining room
  • Two showers
  • Two toilets

Having more available sleeping quarters and daily living accommodations provides an opportunity for both orphanages to open their doors to more and more homeless children. The  Uncle and Aunt Adoption Program is a US-based ministry birthed from Four Corners International Mission and established to support and promote the well-being of orphaned children now residing at Sunrise and Bamba Project.

We envision our efforts growing to include more orphanages, in Eldoret, as well as Uganda. Sunrise opened up as the result of a concerned family that found it in their hearts to take in these abandoned children. They receive no financial support from the Kenyan government and look solely to outside help from concerned individuals and organizations like those YOU represent.

The purpose of this program is to provide living assistance to the smallest of residents – babies, toddlers, and school-aged children from elementary to high school. We want to try to level the playing field by providing EACH of them with an opportunity to attend college or perhaps a trade school of their choosing. Thirty percent of your monthly contribution of $10 per month will go toward their daily living expenses and 70% of these funds will go toward their future educational goals.

These sponsorships will permit this program to take on life that will allow them to be able to fulfill these dreams, by providing each child with an option to attend either college or a trade school once they complete high school. THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOU!  Your tax-deductible contribution/sponsorship will provide the children with shelter, food, clean water, uniforms, shoes, books, and school supplies.

FCIM was able to bring even more smiles to the faces of the children of The Bamba Project Orphanage in December 2018, as they joyfully play with new toys purchased by our mission organization. What a blessing! We thank God for continuing to allow us to do HIS work in Africa.

Your partnership helps people to survive and rebuild lives.