Guyana, South America

guyana youthFCIM has been working in the region of Guyana, South America since 2000. The population of Guyana is approximately 770,000, of which 90 percent reside on the narrow coastal strip (approximately 10 percent of the total land area of Guyana). Housing is a critical problem, as is the lack of adequate water supplies and effective waste disposal and sewage systems.  FCIM executes a two-week mission trip to assist the residents in Guyana each year.

Providing Assistance to Help

The “PATH” Program

Helping one find their way towards economic empowerment and spiritual growth!
Psalm 119:105

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path”.

The PATH program will support single and married abandoned women in Goshen and Bartica Guyana who do not receive support from their husbands or children’s fathers. It will be a four-year program, giving participants the opportunity to rebuild and establish goals.

Families will be adopted according to how many sponsors FCIM raise. The goal is for each family to have enough supporters to support their monthly gift (e.g. support at $60.00 per month requires six sponsors). Each supporter will pay $10/month. The Four Corner’s Guyana International Office will receive the monies and will handle the distribution to the families approved for the program.

The program is not designed to become a form of welfare, or to handicap participants. We do not want to promote negative behaviors; therefore, young mothers who have not demonstrated a level of maturity will be not eligible for participation. The intent is to motivate and produce positive outcomes, and will be supported by all FCIM churches and state offices. FCIM will work closely with Bartica Baptist and Goshen Baptist churches of Guyana who will be responsible for recommending the families chosen to participate.  The Ministry will work to provide academic programs, as well as establish trade programs.

Will you become a monthly supporter?  For more information, please contact FCIM Mission Director, Nina Watkins, at 240-882-6881.

(PATH members in Goshen, Guyana)


The FCIM Construction team traveled to Guyana on July 29- August 10, 2019 to complete repairs on our PATH Mother’s homes.

Goshen Guyana

  • Built a 4,000 sq. feet church
  • Purchased outdoor motor boats and pedal-operated sewing machines on a primitive island

Bartica Guyana

    • Annual crusade
    • Help residents to rebuild homes
    • Minister to school children
    • Prison Visitation
    • FCIM Boat

The FCIM boat gets a refresh!  A new coat of paint keeps the boat in ready condition to transport villagers across the river to Bartica from its home base in Goshen for work.

The taxis at the dock in Bartica, Guyana

PATH Program Update

This is the renovated home of one of the mothers selected to participate in our PATH program.

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Your partnership helps people to survive and rebuild lives.